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Matt Babineau - News

November 27, 2016 I've been busy with several projects lately including Sal Piamonte. We are writing and recording and plan to release some great new songs early in 2017. Stay tuned!...
February 4, 2016 SONOR DRUMS! I am now endorsing Sonor Drums. It is a huge honour and privilege to be part of this company. Sonor is such a legendary brand. The quality and sound is second to none. Stay tuned for pictures of my Vintage and Prolite kits.
October 25, 2015 DanahKae "Wishing for Easy" is now available on iTunes and CD. I played drums on this great sounding EP recorded at The Church of Sound.
September 1, 2015 Sweet Spot Clutches! I am now officially endorsing Sweet Spot. Makers of amazing drum accessories including Hi-Hat Clutches. Made 100% in Canada! Check them out at
September 1, 2014 Regal Tip! I am now officially endorsing Regal Tip drum sticks. These sticks feel amazing and are by far the most durable I have ever played.
March 6, 2014 The AK Project - "A Thunderous Exchange of Silence" is officially released in Kingston, ON today and in Toronto, ON on March 15. The full release will be in a few more days as well.